Why Seeking Help From Penetration Testing Company Malaysia Is Crucial

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In recent year, cyber cases in Malaysia have a significant increase in number. For those who stay aware of recent developments on information and security knows about the expanding number of huge digital information breaks affecting enterprise like health care service, government, and so on. 

Sometimes, a cyber attack can be a disaster for the company that affected. Due to the development of technology, the chance of access to hack software is very easy compared with old times, and this is very dangerous because even a normal person that without practical knowledge in this area also can become a hacker when the person wants.

For this, there are a lot of penetration testing service providers offering the service of investigation of cyber attack for the company, which affected. It is not hard to see that a few top pen test companies will give out the promotion package to attract the attention of the company, which has the intent to save themselves from the issue of leaking company information.

There is where the penetration testing company comes in. Penetration testing is widely known as an essential part of a company to secure the company information from the intrusive hacking attack by hackers. There are a lot of pros and cons you should acknowledge the penetration test service offered by a pentest company in Malaysia.

What is a penetration test?

cyber crime cases in malaysia

Penetration testing usually refers as a security convention that numerous company attempts against their company systems, servers, networks as a method for testing helplessness to assault by hackers.

This sort of security assessment comprises of recreating assaults from either untouchable with no exceptional insider information on framework safeguards or from insiders with some secret information on security usage.

A professional penetration testing team usually has authority recognition of cask training course Malaysia. Aside from that, the other general professional recognition is the cox certification training in Malaysia. The pentest company, which has either one of these also can be trusted to choose.

Why you need penetration testing?

Get professional advice

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Acquire a penetration testing company can giving your company a lot of good advice about the insight of identification on the vulnerability. Not at all like naturally produced reports from instruments that offer nonexclusive remediation tips, reports from penetration tests can rank and rate vulnerabilities as indicated by the size of the hazard and the organization’s spending limit.

Offer PCI DSS consultation

Pentest companies also offer PCI DSS compliance. If you are running a business that requires a different online transaction, then your business also can be viewed as a member of PCI DSS companies Malaysia.

The PCI DSS organization should be agreeable to the PCI DSS principles to ensure that their frameworks are made sure about for on the web, and this is especially important if you are a financial organization. Remember that, always look for the pentest company that has provided the PCI DSS compliance.

Investigation a wide range of vulnerabilities

The pentest company also can help your company to identify any possible security hole that might be hacked by the hacker. The pentest company will provide the insight of digital forensic Malaysia to your company.

When people discussed the forensic services Malaysia, commonly this will link with either digital forensics. Some of the time, digital forensics also called computer forensics Malaysia. Both of them could be the same in some aspects.

The superior penetration testing team usually has its cybersecurity training. It is not hard to find that the best cybersecurity training Malaysia is involved in the best pentest company in Malaysia.

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