Useful Hacks for First Time Home Buyer in Malaysia

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The time has come finally for you to purchase your first-time house, what kind of property you want to get, what location you want, the upfront payment and so on.

Here are some hacks and concepts to know before you decide to purchase the house. MahSing Share price gives confidence to the public on purchasing their properties.

First and foremost, write down what do you want, also know as your dream list. Since a young age, everyone must have told themselves what kind of house they want to live in the future. Is it a condominium, a landed terraced house, does it has to be in the centre of the city, or do you prefer a location that is more peaceful?

Reality Can Be Cruel

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Next, take out a paper and write your capabilities. Yes, realizing the truth is hard, but you ought to be realistic. How much monthly payment can you afford?

What type of new launch property best suits you? The needs of yours, such as near to public transportation. Click here to if you are interested in Sentul Condominium projects

Most young working adults ignore the fact that they do not have enough capabilities to buy, which could end up bankrupt. Hence, look for affordable housing in Malaysia.

Location is the next critical factor. Many times young working adults either purchase a house that is not convenient for them or it is too expensive to live in the area. A property developer in Malaysia has many projects to choose from. Property for sale in Southville might be suitable for you, check out now!

Ask yourself if you need public transport. In case that you need to live near to your family because you need to take care of them. Or the housing area has to be close to work so you can avoid jams and traffic. A top property developer in Malaysia often provides a much attractive selling point.

Look at your pocket and decide the possible options once you have determined the previous requirements. Utilize an online website to search for estimate prices of a property, the pros and cons of it instead of looking it one for one by travelling here and there. Some purchase industry plant for investment in Malaysia for personal gains.

Check and Check and Check

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Once you have determined the type of house you can afford, it is time to get into details. Talk to your neighbours for the reason that they are the one who has spent time living in the area compared to you. Inspect the house carefully for any potential issues such as crack, water damage or uneven walls. Click here to check out the Bandar Cheras Environment.

Babbling Cha-Ching Cha-Ching

If you are purchasing a new property development, it is important to pay the booking fees. It is usually around a 2% -3% booking fee of the property value. After that, you are required to pay the remaining deposit, which is around 7%-8%.

The most crucial part is where the house mortgage loan in Malaysia. Decide what loan you want to get, how long it will take for you to payback. The interest rate is one of the factors that affect the purchase.

For the cost of everything, use the online home loan calculator to get an understanding of the entry cost. It can save you a lot of time from manually calculating off a paper and pen. For the first home purchase, if the property value is below RM400,000, you are entitled 50% discount on stamp duty.

It is also very important to have a detailed and transparent conversation with your service providers, such as the property agent or property group management. After that, the tenancy agreement, review every terms and condition carefully. As young working adults often neglect these and caused them a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Purchasing a new house can be very exciting as well as cucumber some. Remember to more research and ask for your friends and family help to ensure a smooth process.

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